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Polished Concrete

has become a popular flooring choice in both new and old homes, batches, workplaces, industry, retail and showrooms.

Concrete polishing is a practical and versatile flooring solution leaving you with a durable functionable floor.

This creates a classic look featuring clean lines which is durable and easy to clean.

Dependent on your space we can suit most budgets and give you the best advice on your area.

What makes polished concrete so special is that every floor is completely unique determined by many factors such as cement mix, stone, oxides etc.

With a new build you have the unique opportunity to determine some of these factors before the concrete is placed.

For expert and quality concrete polishing Auckland wide please do not hesitate to contact us at A N Concrete Polishing.

The benefits of a polished concrete floor

  • Low maintenance (easy to clean)
  • Retains heat throughout the day
  • hypoallergenic
  • Low cost and budget economical
  • Does not support mould growth
  • Excellent light reflectivity and improves natural lighting
  • Smooth surface which is pleasant to walk on
  • No more slippery than and other flooring
  • Architectural modern flooring

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Choose your finish

The chart below shows a step by step flow through each stage of the grinding and polishing process starting at 20 grit to a sealed & burnished finish. (we can also apply different sealers with different characteristics).

Some steps can be missed or others added in to suit your affordability and finish type.

There are many options when talking about polishing concrete here are a few of the main finishes that can be achieved.

  • Cream Polish – By placing the concrete well we can create a modern look that is filled with swirls and marbling colour. There is no grinding for this process.
  • Salt & Pepper – Placed concrete must be placed well and power floated well to achieve this outcome of barely grinding to show the very tops of the stone.
  • Medium Grind & Polish – Used for budget floors where exposure can be varied throughout the floor.
  • Fully Exposed Grind & Polish – A must for an existing floor as it most likely was not poured to polish. We carry out a deep grind for maximum stone then work through the process to the desired finish.

Ever wondered what the difference is between a Grind & Seal or a Grind & Polish?

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