Compared to other flooring types polished concrete is by far the best value flooring you can have in your workplace or home. Polished concrete gives you a very low maintenance floor with excellent abrasion resistance as polishing hardens the concrete during the process. Read more here

Polished concrete is the best value flooring starting from $35 per square meter at the bottom end for a functionable commercial floor to anywhere up to $120 for a high end house polish, Even at the high end it far surpasses tiles or carpet for value.Not to mention polished concrete is hypoallergenic and easy to clean with no harsh chemicals required. Read more here

Most intact concrete surfaces can be polished, some require patching or repairing but customers mostly like the commercial look that a repaired concrete floor gives you.But there are some exceptions which is why we insist on a site visit prior to confirming any given quotes.
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To maintain polished concrete it’s just a case of mopping the floor with just water and drying with a microfibre mop.After 5 or so years you can hire or call us back to re-burnish the floor to make it pop again,( this depends on the foot traffic of the area).

If you are planning a new build then you can consider the type of aggregate in the floor, any oxide to be added to change the concrete colour, or not expose any stone and have what we call a cream polish.If you are calling us in to polish a pre existing floor we ask that the work space be completely clear and that all skirting boards be removed to give you a cleaner finish.What options are there for colouring my concrete floor?Colour options and stone options are endless, there are oxides that cover all colours and shades dependent on your outcome.In regards to aggregates there are many different stones that you can view at your local cement supplier, in addition you can add shells, broken glass, pieces of broken brick (there are many choices) to make your own individual statement in your floor.